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Peru III

We’ve been busy the last several days and a lot of wonderful things are happening around us. The organization Corazon de Esperanza was finally able to buy land for its long-term transitional housing project. Currently the organization is renting a building where up to around 10 girls will live. Now that the land has been bought in downtown Trujillo the house will long-term house will be built- eventually have 3 or 4 floors with room to house staff in the first floor, teenage girls in the middle floor, and guys on the third.

We spent one afternoon visiting the land, saying hi to future neighbors, and painting Corazon’s logo on the wall to cover up the “for sale” sign as a celebration of this step.

below: the board of directors, staff, and some of the youth in front of the future site of Corazon De Esperanza

heather and I have also spent some time in another part of town where we’ve been entertaining the kids while their mothers are taking cooking classes. one of the highlights has been seeing heather practice her music therapy with some of the kids.

after we do crafts, music and games, we head outside… these kids make the most of the space they have- soccer goals double as the jungle-gym.

below: i’ve really enjoyed teaching photography classes to the youth at cde. some of them have probably never touched a camera before and its exciting to see how intensely the get into the process. seeing people practicing creativity and enjoying the beauty of the world brings me happiness.
last week we took a photo-fieldtrip to Chan-Chan, an ancient palace and local monument.yesterday we spent our last day at the orphanage. we’ll be staying at the transitional home in town until thursday working with the older youth and staff.  for the orphanage we had printed out 250 images that the kids took, or that I took of them, and then we all did an art project together where they used their images. 

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