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opening  my  eyes
Peru II

words: heather.  photographs: matthias.

as we enter our second week in peru, we are busy assisting with the activities at the orphanage and at the transitional home. this week, the transitional home is reviewing applications and interviewing teenage girls from orphanages in northern peru who want to reside in the home.  the director of corazon de esperanza is also working hard to finalize the purchase of the land for the construction of the transitional home.  while the home is built, the youth will reside in the spacious and centrally-located home in trujillo that corazon de esperanza is renting.  it’s exciting to be here during the initial stages of the home!

below: spending time with one of the girls who was at the orphanage when Heather lived there seven years ago.  she is now 17 and hopes to study languages (especially english) and work in the tourism industry.

above and below: we did a home visit with corazon de esperanza and spent some time with a single family that the organization is supporting. this mother has three children with one on the way.  her youngest child has physical disabilities and cannot walk or use both of her hands.  she also has occasional seizures.  corazon de esperanza (CdE) has assisted the mother in obtaining medical care and physical therapy for her child.  The other two children have not been attending school.  cde is working with the mother to enroll the children in school after the summer break

below: ahi de gallina, peru’s most amazing food, with inca cola at our friend lurdes’ house

below: on monday morning we spent time at a bi-weekly cooking class that corazon de esperanza is putting on this summer for low income women. The staff discovered that the women wanted to learn how to cook.  these women have begun meeting every monday and friday for a devotional and cooking class.  the children, of course, enjoy sampling the food too! this friday, we will organize an activity for the children while their mother’s learn to make “tallarines verdes” – a traditional green noodle dish.

below: on tuesday, matthias taught a photography class for six of the youth that are involved with corazon de esperanza’s program for formerly homeless youth.  the organization is working with at-risk youth to help them obtain employment and education, and heather has been helping with their programs.  while we are here, we will be working on CdE’s sponsorship program to help the youth obtain needed financial assistance for tuition for the university or vocational schools. the second image one of the youth took during our color and texture class.

below: we went sandboarding on the dunes next to the orphanage and came home dirty, but happy

below: somehow cleaning up always turns into a waterfight….

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