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Peru I

We’ve happily and safely made it from San Francisco, by way of Boston for Christmas, to our final destination here in Trujilo, Peru. Heather and I will be here for the month of January. Our time will be divided between serving at the orphanage where Heather lived for a year in 2004, and working with at risk youth and the organization Corazon De Esperanza, which is starting a transitional home for kids who are 18 and emancipating from Peruvian orphanages. I’ll be taking a lot of pictures, teaching some photography classes, and taking intensive Spanish lessons. Heather will be putting her Master’s of Social Welfare and experience working with Alameda County’s Department of Social Services, as well as her wealth of experience here in Peru to good use as she helps the local board plan the programs and guidelines for the new transitional home.

We’re staying at the orphanage, where I’ve already been taking pictures…

above: hop-on hop off rides to into the city for 50 cents

above: the guys deciding whether to put a stick into their bucket of water

above: watching the world with a dirty nose but a shirt that matches the scenery

above: falling off a bike really isn’t always that bad. sometimes its just a quick opportunity for a break

above: learning camera basics before moving to an SLR

above: jose luis takes a broom with him whenever he can

above: edwin is recovering from a head fungus. he is one of the most┬áresilient┬ákids I’ve ever met and has been at the orphanage for over 7 years.

above: harvesting lime trees at dusk

above: this trio is always together, one of their favorite occupations is walking the tires that form a boundary for the grass and sidewalk next to their home

sometimes…. they fall

2 Responses to Peru I

  1. LuAnn Hood says:

    These pictures are amazing and bring back many memories for me .. God Bless

  2. Clara Crizer says:

    Wow. These are great pictures! I appreciated them a lot.They capture the life kids bring in the moment. Thank you for sharing. May you both be well!
    -Clara Crizer

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